What We Do

EverBlue Life Foundation was established with the goal of combating social inequality and environmental pollution.
We fund and support well-designed projects that are in line with our values and bring lasting change to endangered social and environmental realities. The partners with whom we decide to associate ourselves have an excellent reputation and are intimately familiar with the local conditions in which they operate

Environmental Projects

Everblue life Foundation, a dedicated advocate for water conservation and glacier preservation. Our mission is to safeguard our planet’s most precious resources through innovative recycling and conservation strategies, while also working to protect and restore endangered glaciers.

Social Projects

The data on poverty and marginalization do not seem to be decreasing. Our goal is precisely to help all the people and communities still living in difficult conditions. We do this by integrating them into projects that can give them concrete help, new opportunities and hope for the future.
This can be created through training and support programs, improving conditions that do not allow access to education or the labor market.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Foundation is based on a simple premise: all people, regardless of identity and circumstance, should be able to have the opportunity to live healthy and fruitful lives. We want to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future for all.
We are working on our Statement of Intent and the Strategic Framework regarding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). In these documents, we describe precisely our plans and the strategy we want to leverage to achieve important transformational outcomes through greater diversity of talent and capability, equitable practices, and an inclusive culture. This system change will be governed by four pillars: Leadership Accountability, Talent, Culture, and Partnership.
We believe that we cannot achieve the desired positive impact without focusing on our DEI, both internally and with our partners. This can be put into action by beginning to take an honest look at our shortcomings and achievements.