Who We Are


Our vision is to help societies develop their capacity to integrate social and environmental benefits. In other words, we play a role in strengthening the resilience of communities their capacity to thrive in the face of pandemic, natural and environmental stresses or a combination of all three.

People: Our Most Valuable Resource

We believe that people, supported by the right opportunities, in an inspiring environment and guided by honest and capable leaders, can create wonderful things. That is why we are actively committed to funding only projects that match our ideals and can create these opportunities for everyone involved in our mission.
It is important that the values of diversity and sustainability are not just about protecting these resources. Ever Blue Life is committed to investing in initiatives that can concretely improve the lives of all people affected, in a sustainable and measurable way.

It is precisely this connection between us, communities and the environment that drives us to select social and environmental initiatives that aim to reduce inequality and create real change for the better, including for future generations. Our goal is: to create opportunities through shared resources among ourselves, our partners and people.